Cast Crate
Highly customizable portable case for the Black Magic Design ATEM Mini Series Video Switchers. Build the ultimate mobile live streaming broadcast solution.

DIY ATEM Extreme or Mini Mobile Case Build Gobox3 ATEM Extreme or Mini Case kit

Compact - Portable
5 Minute Setup

Easy setup on location. Remove the top, extend the monitor. plug in the power cord, ethernet connection and cameras to the easily accessible external inputs on the back panel. Turn the power switch to either the AC or battery position and within 2 minutes you are ready to start streaming.

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Video Inputs On The Rear
Quick Easy Access to HDMI Inputs

Custom input/output layouts available

Pro Panel - Custom Stand For The ATEM Mini Switcher and Stream Deck
Clean and Easy Access

Right or Left Hand Versions Available


Custom Configurations Available

Live Streaming

If you need a custom All-in-One live streaming broadcast solution. look no further. The Cast Crate is custom case designed to provide the live stream broadcaster an easily customizable and affordable solution. Easily configured by the user to house an ATEM Mini series video production switcher, power supplies, audio, Stream Deck, monitors, mini PC or MAC, keyboard and more.

Easy Access Inputs

Easily connect your HDMI inputs to your ATEM Mini via the external inputs on the back panel. No need to remove the ATEM from the control panel. The inputs of the ATEM Mini switcher are extended to the back panel of the Cast Crate.

Versatile Monitor Choices

The Cast Crate is designed to accept several monitor choices. Almost any monitor may be accommodated. From 5" field monitor to your favorite desktop monitor can be used. The monitor choice may have an impact on how long your system can run on batteries.

ATEM Software Control Using A Mini CPU

Using either a mini PC or mini Mac , you can easily extend the functionality of the ATEM Mini switcher using the Free ATEM control software from Black Magic Design. Using the same mini PC/Mac you can add lower thirds and other graphics using the free H2R Graphics App. Eliminates the need for an additional laptop computer. Ideal for a location with minimal table space.

Portable Protection

The Cast Crate is manufactured from 1/2" furniture grade plywood and high quality road case hardware.- Providing protection for your ATEM Mini and associated production equipment both on and off the set.

Easily create recorded or live streamed Youtube or Facebook productions. The Cast Crate allows you to put all of your live streaming assets at your fingertips. Using the Stream Deck and a microphone anyone can easily run a one-person production. The ergonomics of the Cast Crate differentiates it from other case solutions. Your ATEM Mini, Stream Deck and keyboard are all placed with in comfortable easy access - no uncomfortable reaching into a case.

Superb Ergonomics

Coming Soon ATEM Extreme or Mini Case Kit